Krav Maga Geneve
Membre de la KRAV MAGA FEDERATION d'Alain Cohen ( KMF / AC)

Brought Moral Code

As a student of Krav Maga Krav Maga affiliated to the Federation of Alain Cohen, I pledge to:

• Practicing Krav Maga defensive purposes and NOT offensive. •Do not be passive to a third party in danger and fight to save a life. • Follow instructions from my instructor and follow his advice. • Adopt a worthy social behavior my affiliation with the KMF / AC and demonstrate honesty and humility towards others. • Utilser language chastises during class and avoid vulgarity as well as racist or discriminatory joke. • Helping less high grades during course. • Maintain clean and tidy the premises of the school. • Greet and introduce me warmly with each new high / participating in a trial class. • Maintain my passport KMF / AC and care.